Someone needed to say it

I am starting this blog because I truly cannot find another one out there with the words of a nurse manager. There are so many blogs and platforms for nurses, but when I go to find someone who understands the daily grind of the nurse manager – I can’t find anyone out there who relates!

I am going to fill what I feel is a void and be the person who says what needs to be said. Being a nurse manager is no joke. I hope that my blog will draw in others who live the life of a nursing leader and maybe, just maybe, we can help keep each other sane. I can say from experience that being a nurse is hard – but being a nurse manager is like being a ringleader. My circus my monkeys.

#who can relate? WOOO

I also plan to make my own memes because every nurse manager meme out there makes us look like the bad guys.


6 thoughts on “Someone needed to say it

  1. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere Nurse Boss. 😉 Coming here via my fellow blogging friend Susan the nurse. My baby sister Kim is an RN/ boss type figure where she works as well. She oversees several in a local Cardiac Rehab unit. DM

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  2. As a past president of an organization covering a large geographical swath in NY state, I can relate to leadership: it is lonely at the top. I was glad to shed that role cajoling university folks and those below university level. Nothing was ever right it seems. One has to have thick skin, be a little deaf and blind. My husband told himself that as a soccer referee where he was frequently yelled at on the field. I simply held my head high and fulfilled my role despite people being annoyed. I gather it is similar in your field. I am a retired German teacher/university prof. and had a passion for teaching. I did not enjoy the moments of disciplining students and communicating with irate parents. I admired those administrators (my bosses) who held teachers in high esteem while sometimes sitting in and being the referee in conferences. I relished my quiet moments.

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  3. Thanks so much for your comment! It is definitely lonely at the top – but yes as you point out that is not unique to nursing leadership. I am working on growing thicker skin, but I also like what you said about being a bit deaf and blind. Just call me Helen Keller because I’m about to work on this.


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